Post Modernism

The Real Ghost Squad

This project accompanies readings of postmodern theory including Michele Foucault, Richard Rorty, and Kurt Vonnegut. In this film, students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of the post-modern subgenre of the mocumentary and notions of pastiche as an aesthetic property. Postmodern film demonstrates not only the reversal of traditional binaries that privileged fact over fiction, but we see in the mocumentary a deconstruction of the distinction between truth and artifice itself. Students are able to showcase what they’ve learned technically over the course of the year, and finish their senior year with an explosion of creative fun.

Genre: The Mocumentary Film Project

Created by: Yana Zlochistaya, Campbell Ford, Miya Okabayashi, Lily Dragon, Max Seltzer, Malloy Mosley, Leesa Kim, Ivan Fuentes, and Max Quill